Major supplier of fuels for agriculture

The old saying, “It takes one to know one,” has a lot to do with the way Tri Gas & Oil takes care of its agriculture clients. That’s because poultry houses, combines and farming are all close to heart at Tri Gas. With the people at Tri Gas having deep roots in agriculture, customers have the insight and knowledge needed to help find the best, most energy-efficient fuel solutions while keeping an agricultural business prospering.

Products include

  • On and off-road diesel – for irrigation, farm vehicles, tractors and more
  • Biodiesel, including custom blends
  • AGRI-Blend Heating Oil

Soy Biodiesel – Renewable energy, clean burning

Renewable and domestically produced from agriculture resources, biodiesel is a clean burning fuel. Biodiesel can also be blended at any level with petroleum to create a biodiesel blend. In fact, in most cases, little or no modifications are needed to use biodiesel in any equipment that consumes regular diesel. Biodiesel is simple to use, biodegradable, nontoxic and essentially free of sulfur and aromatics.

Tri-Gas and Oil is one of the largest distributors of soy-based biodiesel in Maryland, Virginia and Delaware. Custom blends of soy biodiesel can be created to customer specifications. From B2 to B20, product can be delivered in quantities as little as 500 gallons to as much as 7000 gallons. B100 is also available at our Federalsburg office for drive up customers.

AGRI-BLEND – Heating Oil Close to Home

Agri-Blend Heating Oil in Federalsburg

Tri-Gas & Oil’s clean-burning AGRI-BLEND heating oil is a unique formulation of refined soybean oil, performance-enhancing additives, and petroleum oil. This renewable energy source is not only safer for the environment, but also benefits farming communities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region by sustaining demand for soybean crops.

Compatible with all existing oil furnaces and boilers, and requiring no change of equipment – AGRI-BLEND heating oil is provided at no additional charge over conventional heating oil. It’s all part of Tri Gas & Oil’s commitment to providing customers with energy efficient, renewable fuel products.

Tri-Gas & Oil creates AGRI-BLEND using state-of-the-art storage, blending and loading facilities. Carefully selected fuel additives provide improved Cetane levels and BTU content, moisture control, de-ice and anti-gelling control, corrosion protection, better combustion efficiency, increased firebox cleanliness, less acid by-products and extended fuel storage stability.

For more information about fuel services for agriculture customers, call toll free at 800-638-7802.


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