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Heating Oil in Federalsburg by Tri Gas & Oil Co., IncWe got our start in heating oil and we’re still in the business today. We pride ourselves on providing dependable, top-notch heating oil service to neighbors and businesses across the Delmarva Peninsula.

With a fleet of heating oil delivery trucks, a large oil storage facility, a state-of-the-art dispatching and routing system, and a team of highly trained drivers, Tri Gas & Oil has all of the resources needed to service our customers throughout the Delmarva Peninsula.

Why Use Heating Oil?

  • Heating oil is safe. It can only be ignited by an advanced burning system in your oil burner or furnace.
  • It’s Clean & Dependable. Today’s heating oil is 95% cleaner than 50 years ago.
  • It’s warm. Heating oil burns quickly at 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit – far higher than electric heat pumps.

Combine Automatic Heating Oil Delivery with our Level Payment Plan! This allows you to spread your annual fuel costs over the entire 12 months. You can also add price protection to the convenience of the Level Payment Plan!

Delivery Options

  • Automatic Delivery (our recommendation!)
  • Some customers prefer or require Will Call delivery. With Will Call delivery, it is the customer’s obligation to keep track of their fuel levels and call for a delivery accordingly. We recommend to our customers to contact us (either via the Online Portal or telephone) when their tank is one quarter for fuel oil. This allows sufficient time for us to schedule and route a delivery. Calling at less than one quarter puts you at risk for running out, if delivery times are estimated at longer than our standard 3-5 business day delivery window (due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances).

To learn more about heating oil delivery to your home or business, contact us today.


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