Automatic Oil Delivery

Automatic Heating Oil Delivery

You’re busy—you don’t have time to check your Heating Oil level every week. And what happens when you forget to check? You could end up paying for a service call to restart your system and check your fuel lines for safety.

With Automatic Delivery, we take on the responsibility of monitoring your fuel usage and keeping your tank from running out. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that we are monitoring your usage and delivering fuel when you need it. No more sticking your oil tank frequently! We forecast your fuel demand based on your usage, appliances, weather and more to ensure that we’re delivering fuel to your tank in time. You won’t use more fuel than you normally would – you just don’t have to worry about checking the tank!

You also have the assurance of the “No Run Out” guarantee – which means if we accidentally let you run out of run out of fuel, we’ll guarantee same-day delivery and credit your account $50.

And, the best part is … Automatic Delivery is available at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

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