The Promise Plan

Level Payment Program: The Promise Plan

Everybody dreads those big winter fuel bills. Our level payment program, which we dub the Promise Plan, eliminates those large seasonal bills by allowing you to spread out your annual fuel cost over the entire year.

Here’s How It Works

Spread out your bills with our budget program.

We estimate your annual fuel usage based on your previous usage (if you’re a new customer, we base that annual usage on your tank size and usage type). We divide that total amount into eleven (11) level monthly payments. The 12th month is a “catch-up” month – meaning if you used more than the estimated fuel, you’ll pay the difference, and if you used less than estimated, you’ll have a credit on your account. No matter how cold it gets, you’ll pay the same level amount each month. You won’t use more fuel than you need. This program makes it much easier to plan your monthly household expenses – which is a WIN-WIN situation!

Additional Promise Plan Benefits

It doesn’t end there! You’ll receive a 3% rebate, calculated monthly, for any credit balance you have on your account during the plan year. You can also cap your per gallon price with our Price Cap option. And, you have the assurance of the “No Run Out” guarantee – which means if we accidentally let you run out of run out of fuel, we’ll guarantee same-day delivery and credit your account $100*.

To find our more about The Promise Plancontact us today.

* The $100 account credit is only for Promise Plan customers. If a customer has Automatic Delivery without the Promise Plan, the run-out guarantee credit is $50.


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