Powering Your Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchens

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors! Whether it is cooking up some burgers for the family to enjoy by the pool or heating up some marshmallows to make some s’mores on a cool summer evening, an outdoor kitchen can really turn your backyard into a neighborhood favorite. You might be wondering why someone would want an outdoor kitchen. Keep in mind that not only is it a fantastic way to enjoy summer weather but it will also help you save money. Cooking inside can increase a room’s overall temperature, causing you to have to use more air conditioning than may be necessary and therefore making your electric bill spike. You’ll also be able to better manage and enjoy large crowds outside than you would if everyone was cramped into your kitchen.

outdoor kitchens

Tri Gas & Oil is ready to power your outdoor kitchen with affordable and clean propane. Foodies and cooking enthusiasts alike are sure to love having a kitchen right in their backyard. Get all the benefits of a propane-powered kitchen without ever having to go inside when you let Tri Gas & Oil power your outdoor kitchen. Don’t worry about having to strategically place electrical power outlets when you design your kitchen; let propane be the fuel that lights your fire! If you’re forced to use electricity, it could really inhibit the design of your outdoor kitchen, limiting the freedom you have to really utilize your entire yard space. From your grill to your stovetop to your oven, you’ll be able to use propane to fuel each and every aspect of your outdoor kitchen. Turn your yard into the envy of the whole neighborhood when you power your outdoor kitchen with propane from Tri Gas & Oil. 

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