Heating Your Swimming Pool

Be At Peace

Placing a swimming pool in your backyard is a wonderful amenity, especially when the hot summer sun bears down. One method of making it usable all year round is by getting a pool heater and heating the pool with propane. As your go-to propane supplier, we at Tri Gas & Oil are prepared to talk about our involvement with how to heat a swimming pool and how our skilled professionals can fulfill your fueling needs. Choosing propane as your pool’s heating source has some solid benefits that we definitely want you to know. Check out the information below about heating a pool with propane and then reach out with any inquiries or how we can serve you.

There are a number of benefits to heating your pool with propane that you should keep in mind. We are ready to review these advantages with you so you can make sure that you love all your swims this, and every, summer.

Total Access

Putting in a pool heater grants you the freedom to utilize your pool in any season. That means you can recline in warm water and watch the autumn leaves blow past, or even enjoy a light snowfall while lazily floating along. Heating a pool with propane can deliver that luxury to you. Make sure you ask our experienced staff about factors — like how much propane a pool heater uses — as you ponder installing a pool heater.


Private Zen

All of us need an escape once in a while from the hustle and bustle of daily living. You can find refuge via a relaxing dip in your heated pool. Propane gives you a renewable, efficient, and reliable method of keeping your pool warm. Propane pool heaters are also known for their speed to heat water over electric pool heaters.* Discover more when you reach out to Tri Gas & Oil.

Adjustable Warmth

Propane heaters are available in a variety of size options. Their heating capabilities range from 5,000 Btu/hr to 400,000 Btu/hr, while the output depends on the number of gallons of water you need to warm. Our expert staff will assist you in figuring the correct number and further touch on the ideal propane tank size for your pool heater.

Feel the Heat

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