Heat My Pool

Heating Your Swimming Pool

Everyone loves having a pool to cool off in the heat of the summer, but there is no worse feeling than jumping into the deep end when that water is ice cold. Pools are there for you to enjoy and relax in, but that luxury can be less fun if your pool isn’t at the perfect temperature.

There are a number of benefits to heating your pool with propane that you should keep in mind. We are ready to review these advantages with you so you can make sure that you love all your swims this, and every, summer.

Get the Perfect Temperature

While we don’t sell propane pool heaters, we certainly advocate heating your pool with propane. With a propane pool heater, you can raise the temperature of your pool water to perfection at any time during the year. Autumn night dips, summer morning swims, and chilly spring mornings alike – no matter the season, heating your pool with propane is convenient and comfortable for you, your family, and your friends!

There are a few tips though that you’ll want to keep in mind for proper propane pool heating. These tips ensure the propane heater remains efficient.

  • Maintain a comfortable pool temperature between 78° and 80°. For every degree you raise the temperature, it will increase the energy cost. Keep the pool warm, but not steamy sauna warm.
  • Not using the pool or are away? Lower the temperature. If you don’t plan to use the pool for a few days, cover it and drop the thermostat to 70°. For longer periods like a poor weather streak or vacation, shut the heater off.

Propane Pool Heating is Efficient Heating

Heating your pool with propane is both efficient and reliable. Propane-powered pool heaters can operate between 80% and 95% efficiency. Propane is also renewable and easily available from our expert team. Stay comfortable no matter the weather by using propane.

Escape and Relax

The grind of the day can really take a toll on your body, mentally and physically. There are few better ways to unload after a long day than by taking a dip in the pool or exercising with some laps back and forth. Relax the way you deserve to in the comfort of a pool heated to the perfect temperature, and take the stress of life away for a few hours.

Heating your pool with propane will make your life easier than ever this summer. Talk to us today about how heating your pool with propane can be an absolute game changer.