Fireplace Inserts: Did You Know?

Are you considering making the switch from a traditional fireplace to a fireplace insert? Perhaps you would prefer the convenience of a gas log, or maybe your masonry fireplace needs a facelift? An insert can undoubtedly change the ambiance of your room, whether you want to move from rustic to contemporary or vice versa. Also, it will increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system by creating a higher heat output in the winter, as well as reducing the amount of air-conditioned air that can escape through a traditional fireplace in the warm months. As with any big decision involving the comfort, convenience, efficiency, and aura of your home, you need to be well informed of all of your options. Your friends at Tri Gas & Oil want you to make a decision that best suits your lifestyle! Before selecting a fireplace insert, take some time to consider a few key points.

Perhaps the most critical step to take before choosing the insert is measuring your fireplace’s firebox (opening), ensuring that your insert fits properly. You do not want extra space around the insert. Not only would that be unsightly, but it will also significantly decrease its efficiency! You will also want to consider how many square feet you are planning to heat so that you select a fireplace insert with the appropriate amount of BTUs (British Thermal Units). With the right fireplace insert, you will be able to comfortably zone-heat your home! Imagine the savings! How exciting is that? We will gladly assist you in deciding the amount of BTUs that you need.

fireplace inserts

A major perk of an insert versus a traditional masonry fireplace is that you get to choose which fuel type you use. Wood is inexpensive and keeps your carbon footprint to a minimum, but keep in mind that lugging in wood does require more time and effort.  You will also need to clean your insert more frequently than with other fuel sources. Pellets, which are made of wood shavings, chips, and bark, are also environmentally-friendly, yet are more expensive than collecting wood (although much cleaner to burn). Lastly, a propane fireplace insert is by far the easiest and cleanest fuel option. You can even opt for a remote control!

Propane fireplace inserts are such a great option, as they are clean-burning, efficient, and cost-effective. Once you have made all of the critical decisions, such as size and BTUs, you will want to bring in the professionals to do the actual installation of your new fireplace insert. Before installation, your chimney will need to be cleaned, inspected, and lined with a stainless-steel flue liner that will be connected to the fireplace insert.

Also, you will want an expert to make the connections to your gas and/or electrical lines. Leave all of this up to the pros! We are here to help, and we are excited for you to enjoy your new fireplace insert for years to come! Give us a call today!