How Should I Prepare For The Winter Months Ahead?

Prepare For Winter Weather

The winter season is one of the most magical times of the year. Snow is falling, your family is home, and glistening lights are found on beautifully decorated homes all around. While winter brings a host of many beloved aspects, this season also brings freezing temperatures, snowstorms, and the desire to blast the heat any chance you get. Tri Gas & Oil professionals would like to help our valued customers throughout Federalsburg, Denton, Preston, Easton, Cambridge, and other surrounding areas across the Delmarva Peninsula get in the holiday spirit as we provide a few ways to get your propane-fueled home prepared for winter. View our heating tips for winter below and contact us with any questions!

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Propane is a clean, affordable, and effective way to heat your home, making it one of the most reliable heating sources on the market. With that being said, our tips on how to prepare your home for winter will ensure you enjoy a cozy season away from the cold as you take in the extra time with family and friends. Get your home prepared for winter today!

  • Fill your propane tank before the temperatures drop: Need a refill of fuel? Our propane delivery service is here to help when you need it!
  • Pay attention to the amount of propane still available in your tank: The Tri Gas & Oil team, Maryland’s consumer’s choice for affordable propane, is here to help our valued customers in any way we can. Need some help devising a plan for how much propane your home will require this season? Contact us today!
  • Keep the pathway to your propane tank free of clutter or any obstructions: Ensure our drivers and technicians can access your propane tank quickly and easily by clearing a path before winter!
  • Do not use any outdoor appliances inside your home: This step is vital for your safety as outdoor appliances can emit carbon monoxide if they are not used properly. Avoid bringing well-known appliances indoors, such as grills, patio heaters, generators, or any other appliance designed to stay outdoors.

Contact Tri Gas & Oil

Preparing your home for the winter is crucial to avoid any damage to your property. Luckily, our expert team is here to help! Contact us to learn more today.


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