How Can I Get More From My Propane Cooking?

These days many of us fancy ourselves a home chef, perhaps even a budding Food Network star or a future author of a cookbook. Or at the very least, we most certainly know someone that does! Many of us dub ourselves a fancy home chef, a future cookbook author, perhaps even a budding Food Network star! Or at the very least, we most certainly know someone that does! Whether you’re that next Chopped winner, or you’re comfortable with the title of home chef, the best option for whipping up those delicious feasts is propane! The benefits of propane cooking are tried and true, ranging from reducing energy costs to getting a perfect sear on that gorgeous flank steak. In fact, according to the American Gas Association, a whopping 97% of professional chefs prefer cooking with propane. Preparing meals at home is a great way to not only showcase your culinary prowess, but allows your family to eat clean using fresh, locally-sourced, in-season ingredients. So before you crack open Julia’s Art of French Cooking and season your favorite cast iron, take a look at some really fantastic tips that will help you get more from your propane cooking!

Check The Color Of The Flame!

Keep an eye on the color of your flame. Just remember, blue is good, and yellow is bad. If the flame on your propane range begins to burn yellow rather than blue, it is wasting energy and should be serviced as soon as possible.

Check The Doors!

Periodically check the seals around your oven door. Even the tiniest of tears in the seal will allow heat to escape, diminishing the efficiency of your propane oven.

Keep Your Window Clean!

Keep your oven window clean and change a burned-out oven light bulb. Being able to peek inside to check on the progress of your food means that you don’t have to open the door nearly as often. Every time you open the range door, it causes heat loss and and diminishes your energy efficiency.

Use The Right Burner!

Placing a small pot on a large burner can potentially waste 40 percent of the burner’s heat.

It’s All About Food Prep! 

When you turn on your propane oven, it is prudent to take advantage of the heat.  To that end, cook larger quantities so that you don’t have to use your propane supply as often. Store prepared food in containers to use throughout the week, and save yourself time and money! 

Consider Your Cookware!

Glass and ceramic dishes don’t require as high a cooking temperature to cook your meal, so you’ll use less gas. Cast iron cookware is highly revered by professional chefs and home cooks alike for its heat retention, heat distribution, and versatility(range-top to oven!)

Have A Back-Up Plan!

Consider having a back-up propane-powered generator installed. Many propane stoves (especially newer ones) may have electric starters and therefore may not work if the electricity goes out. That’s why a backup generator is a great idea. If the power goes out, you will still be able to enjoy a yummy home-cooked meal. Reach out to the team at your local propane and oil company in Maryland for more information!

Propane Cooking

Take Care Of Your Oven!

Maintain your propane range and oven. Make sure that the ports (holes where the flames come out) are not clogged. If they are, contact the professionals at Tri Gas & Oil so that we can clean them for you. Blocked ports cause uneven flame and can cause burners to fail. Check the igniters to make sure there ​is a good spark and that the flame lights properly.

Know Your Temperatures!

Always cook at the correct temperature. Even though cooking with propane does allow you to cook at very high temperatures, which is great when searing meat or broiling a hearty fish such as a swordfish steak, it doesn’t mean that everything should be cooked at that temperature. Thin cuts of lamb, pork, or beef (including burgers), should be cooked hot and fast. More delicate items like vegetables or chicken breasts are best cooked at medium, while roasts, whole chickens, and thick, large cuts of meat need to be cooked slowly at lower temperatures.

Cooking at home is healthy, economical, and FUN! It allows you to get adventurous and learn an exciting new skill that will benefit your family. It is also a great way to teach your kids and other family members about healthy and responsible eating habits. So, fire up that propane range and oven, grab your sous chef and enjoy the benefits of your labor of love. Tri Gas & Oil is here for all of your propane cooking needs! We are proud to be your local propane and oil company in Maryland, and we look forward to hearing from you! Give us a call today!


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