How Does Having More Propane Appliances Affect My Usage?

Adding a new propane appliance to your already established propane system will change your usage. And that’s not a bad thing at all! Propane appliances are excellent for running your home, environmentally-friendly, and energy-efficient. I mean don’t get us wrong AT ALL, we LOVE propane appliances

But with that being said, have you considered how your overall propane usage will change when you add an appliance? We oftentimes come across situations where consumers add a new appliance such as a tankless water heater or fireplace to their home, but don’t notify us. By not informing us of the new addition, the formula used to accurately determine your next automatic delivery will be skewed because information is missing. For example, a propane fireplace uses much less propane than a tankless water heater or gas stove. And your automatic delivery formula may not be affected as much. But if you add a tankless water heater, propane cooktop, or a propane clothes dryer, your usage may change more significantly.

propane appliances

Propane usage can also be affected when more than the normal number of people are in the home for an extended period of time. So if a son or daughter comes back from college after being gone for four years, or a family member calls your home a temporary residence, your propane usage may be more than normal. That’s why we stress to our customers that if you are going to add a propane appliance or their number of occupants changes, that you communicate with us about it. That way if you’re on automatic delivery, we can review your delivery formula and ensure that we keep your deliveries at the perfect pace.

Also, depending on the appliance added, a larger tank may be needed to support the new number of appliances. Having an improperly sized tank may cause damage to the tank and/or the system. Give us a call today to learn about our available propane appliances and ensure you have a properly sized tank for your home.


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