What Is A Direct Vent Heater?

Stay Warm This Fall

As the warm, sunny days begin to disappear and the cool, crisp fall mornings arrive in their place, many families are turning up the heat and piling on the blankets. The experts at Tri Gas & Oil would like to offer an alternative source in hopes of helping our valued customers enjoy a cozy fall. A direct vent heating system is an excellent way to add another heating source to your home without having to turn up the heat. What is a direct vent heater, you ask? Great question. A direct vent heater is a heating system composed of a two-part system: air intake and an exhaust system. They use outside air pulled through vents into the home to heat the area and the exhaust fumes head out through the system exhaust piece. These compact heaters allow customers to heat their home in a safe, efficient manner that avoids expensive alternatives. Contact us today to learn more about what a direct vent heater is.


What Are the Benefits?

As we continue to explore what a direct vent heater is, it’s essential to cover the many benefits that our users enjoy! Check out our selection of direct vent propane heaters for homes, and experience the benefits today!

– These units are energy efficient because the warmth is produced by modulating valves and blowers that use only the exact amount of propane needed to produce the heat required for the space!
– Cold spots are reduced because a variable speed blower circulates warm air evenly through the room, creating a consistently comfortable environment for you and your family.
– Zero clearance is needed to place the unit from the air intake, which allows for flexible placement in the room (although units must be placed on exterior walls so it can be vented).
– And the units are dependable and are low maintenance – brilliant!

Enjoy Efficient Heating

We are a proud reseller of Rinnai® direct vent heaters. The Rinnai® EnergySaver® Direct Vent Wall Furnace is one of our favorites. It’s known for being a state-of-the-art appliance with efficient cutting-edge technology. Another bonus with the Rinnai® direct vent is – the cabinet is “cool-to-the-touch” which is perfect for areas where pets and children frequent. Safety is always a main concern of ours, which is why we love Rinnai®.

Here at Tri Gas & Oil, it is our pleasure to offer our valued customers an efficient way to stay warm as the temperatures drop. Still have a few questions regarding what is a direct vent heater? A member of our expert team will gladly assist you, so get in touch with us today!


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