What Is Bottled Gas?

Have you ever heard the term “bottle gas”? It’s a dated term for sure. We don’t know the exact age or origin of this term, but we definitely know what it is.

Bottle gas is a term used to refer to chemicals in a gaseous state and stored under pressure. Bottle gases are products like propane, butane, or a mixture of those. Naturally, bottled gas is a versatile element found in combination with other hydrocarbons, and is isolated and liquefied through pressurization and stored into a gas bottle or cylinder (pressure vessels). This flammable hydrocarbon substance, gaseous at 0°, is produced through natural gas processing of Petroleum and oil refining, a volatile distillation process that extracts the bottled gas from oil in its raw state using a distillation tower. Once the gas is distilled at standard temperature and pressure, it is then stored in a container. Years ago these containers were called bottles – hence the term “bottle gas”. Nowadays, propane is transported in railcars, ships, and trucks, and stored in liquid form, or as a gas in cylinders and tanks, before being delivered to your home or business.

There are over a hundred uses for “bottled gas” throughout the world. Auto fuel, barbecues, propellants, refrigerant, boats, heating, cooking, camping, and heating water, are among several commercial and residential uses for “bottle gas,” or propane as we refer to it. There are also various uses for the hospital and agricultural industries such as irrigation pumps, greenhouses, forklifts, and back-up generators.

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