Smooth Your Transition into the Heating Season

Maryland propane price per gallon

How To Save On Your Maryland Propane Price Per Gallon?

The colder winter days are fast approaching, and your heating system will be put to the test as the mercury drops. The weather change will make for a more active season for your heating unit, but there are ways to keep your home warm with efficient performance and a consistent energy bill. You can start by getting your annual system checkup to ensure all components function at an optimal level. Another way to maintain a low Maryland propane price per gallon is by enrolling in our Automatic Delivery program and The Promise Plan. Learn more about how these programs create a smooth transition into winter and about our preferred service provider Comfort Plus Services by contacting Tri Gas & Oil today!

Maryland propane price per gallon

Enroll in Automatic Delivery

It is no fun experiencing a fuel shortage on the coldest night of the year, and no one should experience this. You can avoid this possibility by enrolling in Automatic Delivery. We track your fuel levels, so you do not have to open the tank lid and see yourself. We will ensure you have a healthy fuel supply all winter, and on top of this excellent service, we add the “No Run-Out” guarantee as our promise that you will always have heating fuel. If we accidentally let your tank run dry, you are guaranteed same-day delivery, and your account will receive a $50 credit.

Enroll in The Promise Plan

A consistent Maryland propane price per gallon can be achieved by signing up for The Promise Plan. This is our way of assuring that your heating bill does not skyrocket during the peak season. We do this by estimating your annual usage and then apply the average rate over 11 months, with the 12th month considered a catch-up month. You also can protect your heating bills by enrolling in our Price Protection option that caps your Maryland propane price per gallon.

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Maryland propane price per gallon


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