Propane Vs. Electric Heat

Save With Efficient Heating

A warm home can make all the difference in enjoying the winter season indoors. Choosing the best energy source is an essential step because this brings you dependability and efficiency. Considering propane vs. electric heat? Propane delivers exceptional performance while saving more of your hard-earned money with a heating system that has a longer lifespan. It is easy to stay with an electric heat pump because that is the original system at your home, but switching to propane can be more beneficial. Read over these critical factors about propane vs. electric heat, and contact a customer representative at Tri Gas & Oil to make the switch today.

Creating More Energy

Propane is a primary energy source, while electricity is a secondary source. You get more energy from propane because one gallon is the same usable energy as 27 Kilowatt hours of electricity. Propane will work smarter, not harder, for your home.

Earn More Savings

The difference between propane vs. electric heat cost is substantial, with propane costing about half as much per BTU when compared with electricity. Also, a propane furnace is on for shorter durations, and propane water heaters cost about one-third less to use than its electric counterpart.

Increase the Heat

Propane vs. electric heat has a vast difference for warming a home efficiently because propane runs between 130 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. In contrast, an electric heating system runs much lower than a regular body temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Reliability When You Need It

A potent nor’easter could dump snow and bring high winds, resulting in power outages. If you have electric heat, the system will shut down since it needs electricity. But a propane heating system will continue to work, bringing in that critical warm air when you need it most. Also, a propane unit requires less maintenance and lasts much longer than an electric heat pump.

Choose Propane Today

After putting propane vs. electric heat to the test, propane is the superb choice with its cost-savings, dependability, and performance. Call a Tri Gas & Oil customer representative at 800-638-7802 or complete our online form to learn more about switching to propane.


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