How Can I Be Energy Efficient This Fall?

Preserve Energy This Fall

As the sunny summer months slowly come to an end and the yellow, red, and orange fall leaves arrive to take its place, many are concerned with their energy consumption. The beautiful fall weather often brings along a crisp morning chill that may cause some to pile the blankets on as they strive to avoid a high power bill. Looking for some alternative methods? We’re here to help! The experts at Tri Gas & Oil acknowledge your desire to be cautious towards your energy use, and we applaud you! Homeowners can do many simple things to provide more heat to their houses without even touching the thermostat. Are you curious? Good! Our team has provided a home energy efficiency checklist for your enjoyment and to help you stay warm as we say goodbye to the summer sun.

Home Energy Efficiency Checklist

We acknowledge the importance of being warm and comfortable in your home, and we’re here to help! The following checklist provides the best home energy efficiency improvements that are simple things our valued customers can do this fall to avoid a high energy bill and still enjoy a cozy, comfortable home!

Open the blinds! Natural sunlight brings heat into your home and provides a free heating source that is effective and good for your wallet! Curtains, drapes and blinds form a great defense against cold fall air overnight or during inclement weather.

Clean or replace your filter often! In the fall and winter months, changing your furnace filter every 30-60 days is an easy way to cut down on heating costs. To test whether your filter needs a change, hold it up to a light. If light does not shine through, it’s time to change it.

Install a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat gives you control over the temperature in your home when you’re not there, making it easy to reduce energy waste. Simply schedule a programmable thermostat once, and it will do the rest, keeping your home comfortable when it counts and more energy efficient during overnights and when the house is unoccupied.

Reduce water heating expenses. Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth or shaving. Opt for showers over baths. Wash full loads of laundry rather than half loads. Install a low-flow showerhead. Purchase a Rinnai® Tankless Water Heater from Tri Gas & Oil and save energy by heating water only when you need it. All these strategies save water and reduce the energy used by your water heater.

Make sure your furnace or heat pump receives professional maintenance each year. If your system is under performing, or at the end of its life it may be time to upgrade your HVAC system.

Seal gaps with caulking or weather stripping. While a cool breeze is refreshing in the summer, in the winter it can mean you’re wasting up to 30 percent of your energy use.

Save Big Today!

After reviewing our home energy efficiency checklist, you’re off to a great start! These suggestions provide helpful ways for you to preserve some energy and stay warm as the colder months begin to roll in. Have some questions regarding our home energy efficiency checklist? Reach out to a member of our team at Tri Gas & Oil today!


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