What Should Be On My Moving Checklist?

Worried about all the tasks that need to be completed for your upcoming move? With so much on your plate, you may not be able to enjoy the fact you are starting a new adventure! But our expert team at Tri Gas & Oil compiled a helpful moving checklist for you to help minimize the stress that can be associated with moving.


Make a List of Things to Keep

With all the memories you have experienced in your home, you have also accumulated a lot of stuff that you’ll need to decide what you will take with you to your new home.
– As you’re going room to room, keep a list of “things you want to keep.” Maybe try putting a Post-It note on those super important items you want to take with you.
– Try the tried and true method of KEEP, DONATE, TRASH when evaluating your items. For the smaller items, utilize bins or buckets labeled as such.
– Coordinating your evaluation list by categories such as clothes, cookware, home décor, pet supplies, entertainment, etc. comes in handy when packing and unpacking!

Get to Packing!

Once you determine what items you’re keeping, start packing! Even if your move isn’t for a few weeks, getting a head start is never a bad idea!
– First, pack the items you use most infrequently, that way you aren’t inconvenienced while still occupying the home.
– Label boxes with what is inside. Try using 2”x4” sticky labels on your boxes and writing the details of what’s inside. This will help with loading, and then it will definitely help when unpacking!
– Put boxes of similar sizes and weights near each other. Doing so will save time when you start loading the moving van or vehicles.
– Pack your documents, jewelry, and other valuables in safe boxes for your transport.
– Schedule a loading date with a moving company and estimate how much you will need to transport to your new home.

Evaluate Your Home’s Heating System

As a respectable homeowner, selling your home with properly functioning utilities is important, not only for sale integrity but to boost the home’s resale value.
– Homeowners can either transfer the inventory of the home’s propane tank to the new owner, or they can opt to receive a refund for the fuel. As the new homeowner, that is important information to know before you move in, especially during the cold months.
– Ensure that all propane-powered appliances have been serviced and are running at full efficiency for the new owner.
– Make a list of your home’s energy efficiency tips to pass along to the new owners. This is a great way to educate them on the home and help them in their energy savings, in true “Pass It On” spirit!


Fuel Your New Home

Moving to a new town or state means you might need a new energy supplier. As a top supplier of propane and heating oil on the Delmarva Peninsula, Tri Gas & Oil is well versed in helping consumers with their fuel needs when moving into a new home. Here are a few tidbits for new homeowners with propane:
– Inquire about the heating system(s) and ask the seller or Realtor® when the last time the system was serviced.
– Know the heating source for the home, whether it’s propane, heating oil, electric, natural gas, or another source.
– You’ll want to inquire about the details of the system from the seller or Realtor®. Details such as tank size, which appliances are powered by propane, and the number of gallons the home usually uses annually are all good data points to have.

Our team at Tri Gas & Oil will be happy to answer any questions you have during your move. Call us today for more information.


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