Propane Buses Improve Children’s Health And Test Scores

Are you wondering how to increase academic success and the long-term health of children? The quality of the air they breathe may have a more significant impact than you think. Your local propane supplier knows how important it is for children to play outdoors, get lots of fresh air, and spend a good deal of time in natural environments. But what about the time children spend getting to and from school?

A recent study done at Georgia State University revealed a simple, cost-effective way to improve the air our children breathe: cleaner-running school buses. 

Clean air matters. When children are exposed to air that is free of environmental triggers, their risk of asthma and other respiratory diseases is significantly reduced. When you consider how much time children spend on a school bus each year, low-emissions buses are the only way to go. A cleaner-running school bus can make a big difference. 

School districts that switch to propane for all of their school buses can improve the overall health of students. These low-emissions buses may benefit kids more than you think. Cleaner bus transportation can improve children’s respiratory health–it can also raise test scores. Districts who use propane on their entire fleet can expect an estimated 7.8% increase in test scores! This is a relatively inexpensive way to invest in students by improving their health and increasing their academic success. 

Diesel-powered buses just don’t make sense anymore. Previous research has shown that diesel exhaust is especially harmful to young children. The toxic particulate matter can contribute to asthma, allergies, and even lung cancer. With these dangerous side effects, it’s a no-brainer for schools to switch over to propane. With a 30 to 50 percent decrease in cost to operate these cleaner buses, it’s a clear win-win solution. Schools can use these savings on teacher salaries, books, and other programs that benefit kids. 

Children spend a good deal of time in or around school buses, so it’s critical to consider the air quality of the buses that they ride in each and every day. This surprisingly cost-effective investment can create long-term benefits for children’s health and success. 

In fact, many school districts across the country have already made the switch. More than a million students in the United States breathe cleaner air on their way to school each morning. School buses with propane fuel are an A+ solution. 

Give our Energy Consultants at Tri Gas & Oil a call to learn more about this outstanding energy option. Consider switching to clean and affordable propane, and reduce the harmful school bus emissions. Our children deserve it!


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