What Should Be On My Winter Vacation Checklist?

As the cold weather settles in, we start to dream about cozy winter getaways and nights by the fire. We yearn for a mug of hot cocoa, a crackling fire, and a winter wonderland waiting for us outside. Whether you ski, snowboard, or just like to relax and enjoy snowy destinations, a cold-weather getaway can be just what your family needs to fall in love with winter. Cold-weather travel can be easy and breezy with the right packing and preparation.

The team at Tri Gas & Oil has created a winter vacation checklist to help you venture out with your family with confidence. Keep it handy as you pack your suitcase and prepare for your getaway. From clothing to accessories and more, we are sharing the essentials you need to keep your family toasty, warm, and happy on your winter adventures. 

Pack Layers and Accessories

Winter clothes can be bulky, and your suitcase can fill up fast. Your goal is to stay warm without running out of space. Consider packing layers so that you are prepared for a snuggly afternoon playing board games as well as a day out on your skis. The following clothes will keep you comfortable inside your cabin and out, and they won’t make your suitcase overflow:

A thick sweater or fleece instead of 3-4 tops

Jeans or cargo pants to wear over thermal leggings

A down jacket (Wear in the car or on the plane to save space in your suitcase.) 

Waterproof gloves and mittens

Wool hats or beanies that cover your ears and the base of your neck

Scarves and wool socks

Sturdy, waterproof boots

Indoor Heating Essentials

When you return to your homestead, you will want to snuggle into lazy, quiet evenings by a toasty fire. A propane fireplace adds a warm glow to any room in your home. Our inventory includes manufacturers White Mountain by Empire, Mendota Health, and Peterson. We also offer three different sizes (18”, 24”, and 30”) of propane log sets from manufacturers Peterson and White Mountain by Empire. They will make operations quick and convenient. Playing games in front of your propane fireplace is a great way to make special family memories this winter. 

With so much time spent indoors during the winter season, your home heating system becomes an essential part of the family. Using propane gives you the reliability in the worst weather condition for an extremely avoidable price. Maintenance becomes easier because propane-fueled furnaces last on average about 5 to 10 years longer than electric heat pumps. Your family will enjoy the warm embrace from your propane-powered home heating system this winter.

Having a Rinnai® Tankless Water Heater brings many benefits. Space in your home can be at a premium during the holidays with decorations and people coming to visit. Your Rinnai® Tankless Water Heater saves space because the unit is mounted to a wall. The tankless technology also gives you unlimited hot water for cooking and showers no matter how big of a group you have in your home. If bad weather strikes, your water heater comes with a back-up battery system.

Winter can create magical memories for you and your family. We at Tri Gas & Oil think that you should not let the outdoor elements hold you back from moments that you will never forget. Pack wisely, equip your home, and let the winter fun begin!


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