Tuesday Talk: TGO Commercial

We’re a business ourselves, so we understand just how time-consuming and complex running a business can be. We also understand the kind of attention business calls for and how a reliable fuel source for your company is viable to the operation of your business.

What makes the Commercial services from Tri Gas & Oil a qualified choice for my business?
We work with businesses in numerous industries which makes us very well rounded in your company needs. We understand that your business needs 24/7 accessibility and reliable service. We have a real person available to you at any time and have an excellent track record of dependable service for more than 50 years.

Do I have to pay in bulk upfront?             
We offer a variety of payment plans that can suit every business’s needs. Whether you’re looking to have ease of reoccurring delivery with Automatic Delivery, keep consistency with our Price Protection or yes, buy in bulk with our Pre-Buy program, we’ll work with whatever solution suits you best. We’re not a “this is your only option” kind of company, we customize our service to your business needs.

What products can you serve my business with?
We offer Propane, Heating Oil, Kerosene, Biodiesel (including soy and custom blends), on-and-off-road diesel, and gasoline for our commercial customers.

What kind of ease can you provide for my deliveries?
We offer Automatic Delivery, a program that takes away your responsibility of monitoring your fuel usage and prevents your tank from running out. We forecast your fuel demand based on your usage, appliances and the weather to guarantee “No Run Out”.  While Automatic Delivery is a great tool we offer for businesses, we don’t just stop there. Additionally, we offer tank monitors for your fuel needs to take one more responsibility off your plate. A tank monitor provides you with ease of knowing your usage but also knowing we will monitor and track your fuel levels and schedule that delivery when your levels become low. The monitor gives both you and our team access to see true, near real-time usage.

What kind of businesses do you have experience serving?
We’re well rounded with serving a variety of businesses. We serve restaurants, manufacturing warehouses, car dealerships, landscape companies, real estate complexes such as apartment buildings/commercial builders and so much more.

We understand exactly what you’re looking for from your energy supplier, and we are ready to do everything possible to give you the service you deserve. Contact an Energy Consultant today, we would love to be your Business Fuel Partner. ­


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