Cylinder Insight: Sizes, Weight and Gallons

Whether it’s a backyard barbeque (Yes – we said it, backyard barbeque because let’s be honest, FOOD!!) or your whole home energy needs, getting the right size propane tank is crucial. Propane tank variations aren’t exactly the easiest thing to understand. Will it fit where you need it to? How large is the tank I need really going to be? Exactly how much propane will it hold and what can it be used for?

You’ve probably heard our Customer Care Representatives refer to your tank by the gallon size, this is the most common identifier and industry standard. To get a better visual of the cylinder sizes, we made this quick glance graphic above for you.

To really break that down and help you gauge the scope of what kind of tank you may need or where it can fit, check out this break down:

59 Gallon – Residential: cooking, fireplace, drying clothes.
(42” diameter x 24” tall)

100 Gallon – Large pool heating, fireplaces, tankless water heaters, and whole home heating.
(Vertical: 30” diameter x 52” long | Horizontal: 24” diameter x 66” long)

250 Gallon – Fair Usage: Whole home eating, generators, homes with many propane appliances.
(31.5” diameter x 87” long)

330 Gallon – Average Usage: Whole home heating, generators, homes with many propane appliances.
(31.5” diameter x 108” long)

500 Gallon – Above Average Usage: Whole home heating, generators, homes with many propane appliances.
(37.5” diameter x 118” long)

1,000 Gallon – Used for the Propane-Powered Home and commercial applications.
(41” diameter x 191” long)

**Aside from the cylinder size, these tanks may differ based on the number of appliances, appliance usage, home size, number of people, lot home size.

We know it can be tough to determine which size is best for your home or business, that’s why we don’t expect you to! One of our Energy Experts here at Tri Gas & Oil will be happy to determine the size you need. Our Experts will review your fuel needs and help develop a plan and appropriate tank size for your home or business. Contact us today to discuss your options further with one of our Energy Consultants or Advisors!


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