Reading a Propane Tank Gauge

How to read a propane tank fuel gauge

The amount of propane in your tank is essential information because that is how to know when it needs a refill. The handy fuel gauge on the top of your propane tank displays the current level with a safe and accurate reading. The numbers on the gauge go from 0 to 80 with a floating arm pointing to a number. A vital thing to know is the numbers refer to the percentage of propane compared to the size of the tank, rather than gallons. 80% is considered full for a propane tank. Our energy consultants created the chart below to help compare the gauge reading to the various size tanks. Always remember when your propane tank fuel gauge reaches 30%, call us to schedule a refill if you are on the Will Call Delivery plan. Contact Tri Gas & Oil today to learn more about your propane tank and delivery options.

propane tank fuel level monitor

Understanding Fuel Readings

As you monitor the propane tank fuel level, the floating arm on the gauge could be pointing at the number 50, which means your propane tank is filled at 50% of its capacity. Most tanks have a float gauge where a float is connected to the gauge and moves downward as the liquid propane decreases. This level change moves the propane tank fuel gauge to the appropriate position. Keep the chart above handy as a reference between the tank percentage and gallon amount.


Schedule Propane Delivery

We recommend customers regularly check their propane tanks and call us to schedule a delivery when your gauge reaches 30%. This allows our professional delivery team enough time to replenish your fuel supply. Our delivery window is a standard three business days. Suppose you do not want to check your propane tank fuel gauge — you have the option to register for our Automatic Delivery program. Our team will monitor your fuel level and schedule the next delivery. This program also comes with a “No Run Out” Guarantee. Contact a Tri Gas & Oil energy consultant by calling 800-638-7802 or completing our form below to learn more about your propane tank gauge and our exceptional delivery programs.


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