Cold Weather Tips for Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are becoming more and more popular among new homes and old homes, especially when considering an efficient way to save energy. The efficiency of a tankless water heater is unmatched with its unparalleled versatility but optimizing these units through the cold weather calls for expert knowledge. We’re sharing some insight on our installation and maintenance process for tankless water heaters that will last through any winter and get you the most from your unit.

Unit Sizing
As the winter season continues and temperatures fall, more time and energy is needed to heat water to the desired level. Knowing the demand of supply needed upfront will allow us to call for the accurate unit size to ensure performance through the cold weather. How many bathrooms will you need? How many people are living at your household? These are a few questions we’ll ask to ensure we have the correct understand of your usage.

Bring it Inside
Many units will have some degree of built-in freeze protection, however, depending on weather patterns and your areas climate, we may decide it’s best to have it installed inside versus outside. If you’re in an area where your unit must be outside, we do offer cold weather protection on outdoor units.

Proper Ventilation
Venting is extremely important when it comes to avoiding winds and having sufficiently long vent runs.

Condensation Consideration
In order to avoid drain freezes, draining condensation from condensing units will avoid a unit shut off.

Clear Pathway from Snow
When news of a big snowstorm comes, keeping a few feet around the vent clear of snow will prevent air intake from being blocked. If the unit’s air intake is blocked, the unit may turn itself.

Stay Ready with Backup Power
Having a propane standby generator or battery backup system ensures constant flow, even during an outage. Most tankless water heater units need electricity to protect against freezing and for ignition. We always advise our customers to look into a backup source to get the most of their units.

Safety and efficiency always comes first for Tri Gas & Oil, and now you have a bit of insight on the considerations and processes we take when it comes to tankless water heaters in cold weather. Leave it to the experts here at Tri Gas & Oil for all your energy needs. Contact us today to learn more.


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