What Makes a Firelog Set Work?

Your firelog set does more than just sit there and look pretty. We’ve dug into all the details that make up your firelog set and thought we’d share these components with you.

Gas Valve – This allows the gas propane to flow out to ignite the fire. This is always located within arm’s reach of the firebox. (firebox: the chamber of a boiler in which the fuel is burned)

Pilot Assembly – A gas valve that incorporates safety system and a flame-sensing thermocouple. This pilot is lit with a match or lighter to establish the initial flame.

Burner – The device that produces the controlled flame.

Steel Grate – This is the grate (or surface) that the logs rest on. They are made out of steel to handle the heat of the flames.

Logs – You can personalize your log sets to your aesthetic taste and preferences. Material options: Fiber Logset – The flame hits and glows more realistic. Ceramic Logset – Absorbs heat and is more radiant.

Vermiculite – This too can be personalized to whatever preference you have. There are different colors, sizes and shapes for the rocks.

Glowing Embers – This helps evenly distribute the flames of your propane burners which gives off a more consistent flame and glow that mimics actual embers.

Rock Wool Glowing Embers – A feature that is fairly new, this cloth like material disguises the blue flame to get the most heat. This material sits on top of the jets and gives the glowing natural “ember” look.

Damper Clamp – Designed to lock the damper in a fully-open position, this closes off the flue pipe. This clamp can be opened or closed slightly for ventless heaters but must be open on vented heaters to allow proper airflow.

Controls – There are three types of control switches you can choose from for your log set:

  • Off/On Switch: Standard on-and-off switch mounted on your log set.
  • Thermostat: Allows you to place the controller anywhere as long as it is facing the log set.
  • Intermittent Pilot: Much like the remote start to your car, it does not have to be facing the log set and will allow you to turn it on/off with the push of a switch and also has the thermostat within as a feature. This type of control actually saves 2-3 gallons of propane per month due to its efficiency.

Thermocouple – A very important safety function that measures temperature. When this function experiences a change in temperature, it allows the system to shut off for safety. This is located in front of the pilot of your log set.

Oxygen Sensor – This is another safety feature that senses oxygen and will shut down the system when the intake level is incorrect.

A few of our most common log sets our customer’s love are:

White Mountain Hearth Vented Ponderosa Log Set
Empire Super Sassafras Ventless Log Set
Empire Flint Hill Ventless Log Set

To maintain your log set, we recommend an annual cleaning. With annual maintenance you can extend the lifespan of your logset to 10-15 years.* Contact us today to set up your annual cleaning or to answer any questions you may have on your firelog set.

**Tri Gas & Oil must have the propane service in order to complete a cleaning on a log set.


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