Inside a Transferrable Service Agreement

We know what you’re thinking, what in the world is a transferrable service agreement? This terminology is what we call the situation when our service is transferred from one customer to another.

What are the situations that might call for a transferrable service agreement?

  • A homeowner that moves out of their home and sells their property
  • A new home buyer that is buying a propane-powered home with existing service
  • A new tenant in a new rental

If your propane-powered house is on the market:
We may ask you a few questions to better assess the situation and get ahead on any contacting we may need to do in regards to your situation. We may ask:

  • When is your settlement?
  • Can you provide us the contact information (name/number/email address) so we can set up service for the new buyer?

What happens to the fuel in my old tank? Any unused fuel you have remaining in your existing tank can be credited to your account for your new home or transferred to the new homeowners in the event that your new home is not propane-powered or you chose a different energy source.

If you’re a new buyer of a propane-powered home:
Congratulations! You’ve just bought your new home and you’re ready to get your energy utilities all set up. Depending on what is written in your buyers’ agreement, the previous owners may have transferred their leftover propane to you or you may need to call for a new delivery. Here’s how both situations will pan out:

I’m a new buyer of a propane-powered home and the previous owners transferred their propane to me:

Sweet deal! We will send out a technician to do a fuel gauge check and analyze your percentage from there. To get you set up we do need to do a gas check (for a small fee) and schedule your first delivery.

I’m a new buyer of a propane-powered home and the previous owners did not transfer their propane, what now?
We will send out a technician to run a fuel gauge check (for a small fee) to see how much is in your existing tank and the fuel leftover will need to be paid for by yourself, the new homeowner if you choose to begin your service with us. If you choose to use a different supplier but don’t own the existing aboveground tank, we will remove our tank and your chosen supplier will bring their tank.
FAQ Tank Insight: What if I have a company owned underground tank that’s not up to par? We do underground tank replacements! If the condition of our company owned tank on your newly acquired property is not up to standard, we will replace!

If you’re a Landlord transferring service:
If you are a landlord and wanting to transfer your service to a new tenant, the service will just need to be transferred into the new tenants’ name and a gauge reading will follow. We will need the contact information of the new tenant and work with them to get their account set up which alleviates you of any additional work.

If you have any further questions about how your propane-powered situation might be handled, contact us today. One of our Customer Service Representatives would be more than happy to assist you and your transferrable service agreement. 


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