Why Is My Room So Cold?

A warm home offers tremendous comfort during the winter months, allowing you to relax without fighting the bitter cold. Have you ever walked to one side of the house and asked, “Why is my room so cold?” There are several reasons for this issue, and the good news is there is a way to fix it. A room could be colder because heating vents may need to be cleaned, the air is leaking from cracked ductwork, or there are drafty windows. This list compiled by our service technicians will assist in locating a problem and making a simple fix for more efficient home heating. Read the details below and contact Tri Gas & Oil for even more cost-saving details.

Blocked Heating Vents

A typical reason for a cold room stems from dirt blocking airflow inside heating vents. Take off the external grates, and remove the dirt with a vacuum cleaner. This also will provide better air quality since the warm air won’t be going through the dirt. Also, make sure furniture is not blocking a heating vent because that will restrict hot airflow.

Crack in Ductwork

Air leaking from cracked heating ductwork can cause a room to be cold. Rectify this issue by applying a gap-sealant product to the crack. The sealant will line the inside walls of the ductwork and create a firm seal over the crack. We suggest contacting an HVAC professional to perform this work.

Draft From a Window

We hear it often from our clients: “Why is my room so cold?” Much of the cold from the outside can enter your home when air seeps in through thin windows or due to window frames without proper insulation. Add rubber sealing strips where you feel the draft, and that should block the outside air.

Contact the Heating Experts

These measures for how to fix a cold room are excellent ways to help your heating system run with greater efficiency and save money. Still wondering “Why is my room so cold?” It may be time to call our experts. Contact Tri Gas & Oil at 800-638-7802 today or send us a note through our online contact form for your heating solutions.

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