How To Save Money On Heating

How Do I Save On My Heating Bill?


Relaxing in a warm home is a wonderful feeling when the winter winds blow frigid air over the region. Another fantastic feeling is doing all this while knowing how to save money on heating during the coldest months. The energy consultants at Tri Gas & Oil have several helpful ways to keep more money in your wallet and still provide a warm home. There are several energy-efficient choices for how to save money on a heating bill, such as choosing propane, which heats air at 140 degrees rather than below 98 degrees with electric heat pumps, and propane runs in shorter intervals because of how much heat it generates. Other ways to save are reducing usage and selecting attractive payment plans. Take a look at the ideas below for how to save money on heating, and contact Tri Gas & Oil to get set up.

Become More Efficient

Understanding how to save money on heating costs can be as easy as simple maintenance and changing habits. Does one room feel too cold? That could mean a filter needs to be replaced or an air vent needs to be cleaned. This also is caused by a drafty window or furniture blocking a heating vent. Apply rubber strips to windows where the air is coming in and keep furniture clear from vents to avoid blocking the warm air. Another option for how to save money on heating is setting lower temperatures when you are not home or at night when sleeping.


Try Our Helpful Plans

We offer several convenient payment options that provide consistent and lower prices to our customers. Our Promise Plan makes your energy bills consistent throughout the entire year with equal monthly payments, avoiding surges during peak winter months. Price Protection caps your fuel costs for the season and Pre-Buy allows you to pre-purchase your fuel at a discounted rate.


Save With Tri Gas & Oil
Using these efficiency techniques and our helpful pricing plans are exceptional ideas for how to save money on heating. Contact a customer care representative at 800-638-7802 to learn more cost-savings details and enroll in one of our programs. 


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