Oil Furnace Replacement

Do I Need An Oil Furnace Replacement?


The routine of your oil furnace turning on during winter is something that occurs so regularly that you may not even realize when it happens. It is a great feeling when it is warm and comfortable inside your home, but like with anything, your heating system does have a lifespan. Tri-Gas & Oil does not want you to be left in a cold home if your heating system has an issue, so our energy consultants want you to know the signs of needing an oil furnace replacement and the steps to take to get a new system. Take a look at these details below, and contact us for more information.

Showing Age

A home oil furnace usually lasts between 15 to 20 years, so the first step is to find out when the heating system was installed. Have your energy bills increased recently? A cause for the increase in your energy costs may be due to the age of the system because the system becomes less efficient when it nears the end of its life. If you cannot get the temperature setting to be where you want it regularly, that also could be a sign you may need a new system.


Repair Options

If there is a chance your oil furnace needs to be replaced, one option that can save money in the short term is having the heating system serviced. Having your system serviced routinely is recommended, and by doing so you can extend the life and efficiency of your heating system. With an annual tune-up service performed by an HVAC professional you can uncover minor issues like a part needing to be replaced, which is less of a burden on your wallet than having to replace your oil furnace with a new heating system.


Replacement Options

Always consult a HVAC professional to see the type of service or repair needed for your oil furnace. If a new system is necessary, they can outline the various oil furnace replacement options for you, with a goal to offer you a system that provides the right amount of energy output for your home. They also can go over the oil furnace replacement costs and how that might impact your decision. Our preferred HVAC service provider, Comfort Plus Services is a Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer and trained service company for all brands. They offer a wide range of propane and oil heating systems for your home. If your oil furnace needs to be replaced, give Comfort Plus Services a call at 866-950-2653.


Contact Tri Gas & Oil Today

Home heating oil is an excellent way to warm your home in the winter, and our expert team can supply your home with this dependable heating fuel year-round. Call our customer care team today at 800-638-7802 regarding a possible oil furnace replacement. 




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