Benefits Of Propane Grilling

Benefits of Grilling With Propane 

Once the warmer weather arrives, families and friends often take the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful outdoors by hosting barbeques, bonfires, and pool parties to celebrate the coming of new adventures ahead. The experts at Tri Gas & Oil would like to aid our valued customers in these fun activities by providing helpful information and expanding upon the pros and cons of propane grilling vs. charcoal grilling. We are your go-to source for propane along the Eastern Shore of Maryland and provide convenient services such as propane delivery and affordable payment options. Read on to learn about the superior benefits of propane in our propane grilling vs. charcoal section located below.

Propane Grilling vs. Charcoal Grilling 

When grilling, users have the choice between two typical heat sources and those include propane and charcoal. Each heat source has benefits, but we find propane to be superior. Propane grilling is safe, clean, and affordable. Other differences are:

Pros of Propane

  • Propane grills light immediately
  • Propane grills are much safer than charcoal grills as they are not susceptible to things like wind.
  • Propane grills are easier to clean.

Pros of Charcoal

  • Charcoal offers a great smokey taste
  • Charcoal is less expensive
  • Charcoal grills usually have direct and indirect cooking areas

Cons of Propane

  • Propane generally offers less flavor
  • Users may run out of propane while cooking
  • Gas grills usually take up more space

Cons of Charcoal

  • Charcoal takes at least a half-hour to warm up
  • Charcoal grills create a lot of ash residue
  • Users must maintain the temperature 

Propane also has numerous health benefits as users are not exposed to as many carcinogens, such as PAHs and HCAs when grilling with charcoal. Propane grilling vs. charcoal grilling is also more environmentally friendly and generates less smoke that could be harmful to inhale over large amounts of time.


Cook Your Feast Today 

Put your family’s health first by choosing propane over charcoal grilling with the help of our excellent service team. We guarantee satisfaction with every service and ensure this by offering superior customer service, propane resources and information, and payment plans available now. Contact Tri Gas & Oil to learn more about our services offered, such as propane delivery. We look forward to serving you and answering any questions about propane grilling vs. charcoal grilling!


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