Are Propane Heaters Safe For Indoor Use?

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When cold weather hits, sometimes turning on the heat just isn’t enough. Many fear racking up an expensive electric bill, so instead, they pile on the warm clothes, fuzzy blankets, and fill their hands with steaming hot cocoa hoping to avoid turning up the heat even one notch. If you find yourself clinging to warmer days, the experts at Tri Gas & Oil have a solution to your chilling dilemma with our quality space heaters for sale. So, for your convenience, we have provided some information answering frequently asked questions, such as, “Are Propane Heaters Safe for Indoor Use?” and more! Follow along to get the scoop and then contact us to purchase your own! 

Are Propane Heaters Safe for Indoor Use?

While using a space heater during the winter months is an effective way to stay warm, it’s essential to follow a few propane space heater safety tips to ensure you avoid any potential dangers. As we answer the question, “Are Propane Heaters Safe for Indoor Use?” keep these safety tips in mind for future use!


Propane space heaters are safe for indoor use when you follow these safety guidelines:

A 3-foot Safety Zone Is Established Around the Heater

When setting up your heater, place it in an area that is flat and 3 feet away from any foot traffic. Setting it up in this manner helps avoid any issues that may cause the heater to fall or catch fire on any objects close by.

Never Leave the Heater On Unattended

If your space heater is on, it needs to be during a time when you are present and attentive. Do not leave your heater unattended with pets, children, or when you’re sleeping!

Plug the Heater into a Wall Outlet

Avoid plugging your heater into an electrical strip or an outlet that already has other things plugged in. Be sure to check on it occasionally!


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