Garage Heating In the Winter

Keep Warm This Winter

Are you heading into winter unsure how to heat your entire home properly? The trusted professionals at Tri Gas & Oil have a solution for our valued customers as the winter months approach, and the age-old question remains: “how to keep your garage warm in the winter? As the consumer’s choice for propane in Maryland, our experts are here to help our family, friends, and fellow community members prepare for the chilly weather with a list of garage heating options perfect for your propane-fueled home! It all starts with propane, one of the cleanest, safest, and most effective heating sources available, that remains affordable all year long thanks to our Promise Plan for consistent propane prices when you’re in need!


How to Keep Your Garage Warm in the Winter

Keeping your garage warm is not an easy feat, especially during the winter months! We have provided a few ways to heat your garage in the winter in just a few simple steps! Learn more below.


Propane Heaters

One of the easiest ways to answer, “How to keep your garage warm in the winter?” is to purchase a propane heating system from our experienced team! Propane heating is effective, affordable, and the perfect way to avoid bumping up the heat on cold winter days!


Propane Space Heaters

Another efficient avenue to keep your garage warm is a propane space heater. Space heaters are available in stationary and portable options and are a great way to stay warm wherever you go. Contact our staff to learn more today!


Insulate Your Garage

Insulation is an effective way to keep the heat within your home or garage in the winter. Start today by sealing any areas that cold air may be entering and allowing your heat to escape

Replace Broken Windows

If you have any broken windows within your garage, you can be sure the heat is not working as it should. Replace or repair any broken windows to keep your heat where it belongs!

Contact Tri Gas & Oil

Are you ready to prepare your home for winter? The experts at Tri Gas & Oil are here to help today! Contact us for any further information on how to keep your garage warm in the winter.


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