Are Propane Heaters Safe For Indoor Use?

Stay Warm With Tri Gas & Oil When cold weather hits, sometimes turning on the heat just isn’t enough. Many fear racking up an expensive electric bill, so instead, they pile on the warm clothes, fuzzy blankets, and fill their hands with steaming hot cocoa hoping to avoid turning up the heat even one notch. If you find yourself clinging to warmer days, the experts at Tri Gas & Oil have a solution to your […]

What To Do If You Suspect A Gas Leak

Act Fast  If you live in a home that features gas heat, you’re most likely aware of how quickly things can go wrong if there is a suspected gas leak. The service professionals at Tri Gas & Oil care deeply for the safety of our valued customers and want to ensure that if you were ever to encounter a propane gas leak in your home, you should know the proper steps to take. For your […]

Benefits Of Propane Grilling

Benefits of Grilling With Propane Once the warmer weather arrives, families and friends often take the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful outdoors by hosting barbeques, bonfires, and pool parties to celebrate the coming of new adventures ahead. The experts at Tri Gas & Oil would like to aid our valued customers in these fun activities by providing helpful information and expanding upon the pros and cons of propane grilling vs. charcoal grilling. We are your go-to source […]

What Can You Use Propane For This Summer?

Use Propane This Summer  Summertime is here, and many families are gearing up for family vacations, barbeques, and fun outdoor activities to celebrate the long-awaited warm weather. The team at Tri Gas & Oil has put together a list of what you can use propane for this summer as you head towards your adventures. Propane offers users a safe, affordable, efficient, and convenient heating source that can be used to power numerous summer-related items. Propane is the […]

Oil Furnace Replacement

Do I Need An Oil Furnace Replacement? The routine of your oil furnace turning on during winter is something that occurs so regularly that you may not even realize when it happens. It is a great feeling when it is warm and comfortable inside your home, but like with anything, your heating system does have a lifespan. Tri-Gas & Oil does not want you to be left in a cold home if your heating system has an […]


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