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Whether it’s a backyard barbeque (Yes – we said it, backyard barbeque because let’s be honest, FOOD!!) or your whole home energy needs, getting the right size propane tank is crucial. Propane tank variations aren’t exactly the easiest thing to understand. Will it fit where you need it to? How large is the tank I need really going to be? Exactly how much propane will it hold and what can it be used for?You’ve probably
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How to read a propane tank fuel gaugeThe amount of propane in your tank is essential information because that is how to know when it needs a refill. The handy fuel gauge on the top of your propane tank displays the current level with a safe and accurate reading. The numbers on the gauge go from 0 to 80 with a floating arm pointing to a number. A vital thing to know is the numbers
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Propane has many wonderful uses for your home and business. As a widely-used and rapidly-growing energy source, propane, also known as liquefied petroleum gas, is a safe, clean-burning fuel that is economical and easy to transport. Here at Tri Gas & Oil, we are proud to bring this great fuel to your homes and businesses. The story of propane begins long before it reaches your home tank or work equipment. Propane, a natural gas component,
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December 20, 2019

Tuesday Talk: TGO Commercial

We’re a business ourselves, so we understand just how time-consuming and complex running a business can be. We also understand the kind of attention business calls for and how a reliable fuel source for your company is viable to the operation of your business.What makes the Commercial services from Tri Gas & Oil a qualified choice for my business? We work with businesses in numerous industries which makes us very well rounded in your company
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December 17, 2019

Tuesday Talks: TGO Wholesale

You may know Tri-Gas & Oil as your local neighborhood fuel supplier. While those are our roots and a promise we will always keep intact; another part of our business is our wholesale commitments to customers throughout Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. We have a well-maintained fleet of tankers and a team of dedicated drivers that serve these areas with ease. We sat down with our wholesale team to get some answers to

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