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direct vent heater
Stay Warm This Fall As the warm, sunny days begin to disappear and the cool, crisp fall mornings arrive in their place, many families are turning up the heat and piling on the blankets. The experts at Tri Gas & Oil would like to offer an alternative source in hopes of helping our valued customers enjoy a cozy fall. A direct vent heating system is an excellent way to add another heating source to your
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propane appliances
Adding a new propane appliance to your already established propane system will change your usage. And that’s not a bad thing at all! Propane appliances are excellent for running your home, environmentally-friendly, and energy-efficient. I mean don’t get us wrong AT ALL, we LOVE propane appliances!  But with that being said, have you considered how your overall propane usage will change when you add an appliance? We oftentimes come across situations where consumers add a
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Tri gas Propane Furnace FAQ

September 17, 2019

Propane Furnace FAQ

Are you considering either upgrading your propane heating unit or converting it to a propane furnace? There are many reasons that propane heat is quickly becoming a common choice for consumers who are seeking an efficient heating source. In addition to providing an evenly temperate environment in your home or business, propane heat is cost-efficient and helps reduce your carbon footprint. High-efficiency propane furnaces are rated between 90 and 98 percent efficient, which can mean
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Propane Cooking
These days many of us fancy ourselves a home chef, perhaps even a budding Food Network star or a future author of a cookbook. Or at the very least, we most certainly know someone that does! Many of us dub ourselves a fancy home chef, a future cookbook author, perhaps even a budding Food Network star! Or at the very least, we most certainly know someone that does! Whether you’re that next Chopped winner, or
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Propane Dryers
I think we can all agree that the chore of doing laundry is never exactly an entertaining enterprise. However, thanks to a growing number of technological advancements that have drastically increased our washing machine and dryers’ performance, control, and efficiency, it has become much less of a dreaded task. Dryers, in particular, are now available with an array of high-tech features including steam-cleaning, sanitizing, wrinkle prevention, and even notifications sent straight to our beloved smartphone.
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