Space Heaters

We offer space heaters in Direct Vent, Vent-Free, or B-Vent configurations.

Direct vent systems are made up of two parts – one for the system exhaust and the other for the combustion air intake. The combustion chamber of direct vent systems are completely sealed (and vented outdoors) and no air from the home is used. Generally, direct vent systems have a smaller flame.

Vent-Free space heaters use no piping, allowing the placement of the fireplace to be variable. The burner is designed to be 99.9 % efficient and feature automatic safety shut-off controls. Theses vent free systems (also called console heaters) are available in heating-only or visual-flame options. These systems do expel a fair amount of moisture into the home, which can pose a problem in rooms with many windows.

B-Vent systems are installed through the home and end above the roof. These systems use home air for combustion, but the amount is minimal. Fumes are vented outdoors and the system is relatively efficient.

Could I utilize a space heater in my home?

Have a room above the garage where the heat doesn’t reach quite well? Have a sun room that needs a little extra warmth? Have a detached garage that gets a little chilly in the winter, when you’re trying to tinker with your hobby? A space heater is perfect for these applications! We have a selection of space heaters on display at our office locations. We can also custom order a heater specifically for your application. Stop by or contact us today!


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