The Promise Plan

Consistent & Affordable

Choosing a heating source that works for your home and budget isn’t easy. Tri Gas & Oil is here to change that for our valued customers, located throughout the Eastern Shore of Maryland and surrounding areas. Propane is a clean, efficient, and highly effective energy source that makes heating your home or business affordable all year. Those tired of layering on the jackets to stay warm will be glad to hear our propane company in Federalsburg, MD, cares for your comfort, and we want to help keep you warm! Our Promise Plan guarantees our customers that our propane prices in Maryland will stay consistent, affordable, and within range of the previous year’s costs. Receiving a heating bill that is more expensive than you were expecting can be stressful. Our Promise Plan ensures our customers never have to worry about overspending, even if they plan to use their heat frequently. Get the most out of your heating experience when you contact Tri Gas & Oil to sign up today and learn more about our monthly level payment plan and affordable propane prices in Maryland!

What Is the Promise Plan?

Tri Gas & Oil is a family-owned and operated propane company invested in maintaining an exceptional experience for home and business owners throughout the Eastern Shore. We offer numerous customer incentives, like our Promise Plan, to keep our Tri Gas & Oil family safe, comfortable, and in-the-know, 24/7, 365 days a year. Take advantage of reimagined comfort when you contact us to learn about the Promise Plan and our propane prices in Delaware. Check out the benefits you could start enjoying today when adding the Promise Plan to your heating routine:

  • Automatic Delivery – Would you like to have your propane delivered routinely without any effort on your part? Our customers utilizing our Promise Plan can opt in for complimentary automatic propane delivery, so you can plan your day with confidence and avoid unexpected interruptions.
  • “No Run Out” Guarantee – Never go without a full propane tank, thanks to our “No Run-Out” guarantee. If you do accidentally run out on our watch, our team will deliver propane to you within four hours and credit your account with $100*!
  • Price Protection – Secure the maximum amount you will spend per gallon on propane with our Price Cap Option, enabling customers to take control of their heating costs. This is also a helpful way to save money if propane prices in Maryland drop below your capped price, we will grant you the lower price! If the propane prices increase, you will return to only paying your original capped price.
  • Bonus Credits – Earn money while you enjoy a cozy work or home environment. We will add a 3% APR credit to your account monthly when there is a credit balance.

Consistent Propane Prices in Maryland

Tri Gas & Oil is thrilled to be your top destination for affordable propane prices in Maryland and surrounding areas across the Delmarva Peninsula. We encourage you to sign up for our Promise Plan today to join the many local families reaping the benefits.

*$100 credit is only available to Promise Plan customers. Non-Promise Plan Automatic Delivery customers receive a $50 account credit if we accidentally let you run out of fuel.



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