The Promise Plan

Propane Prices In Maryland

Enjoy Consistent Propane Prices In Maryland

Every day and throughout the year, life is filled with surprises. Whether it is bumping into an old friend, receiving a promotion at work, or going out for a special dinner, unexpected surprises can often be life’s happiest moments. Getting a surprisingly high heating bill however, is not quite as appealing, and that is why we have The Promise Plan. This monthly payment plan brings customers consistent propane prices in Maryland and Delaware throughout the year. As the premier propane company in Maryland we’re dedicated to serving customers with exceptional products at low prices. Using our Promise Plan means your heating bills will not balloon when the winter rolls around, and you are forced to use more heat. Having consistent Delaware and Maryland propane prices lets you budget expenses for the entire year, and use your hard-earn money on goodies, such as a winter family trip or new upgrades to your home. An unexpectedly high heating bill could derail these plans. Our propane prices in Maryland and Delaware will eliminate the stress of uncertainty because your bills will remain consistent each month for the entire year. Take advantage of this outstanding program from Tri Gas & Oil, and ask our customer care team for more information about enrolling in the Promise Plan.

How The Promise Plan Works

  • We estimate your annual fuel expenses based on fuel delivery history from previous years. New customers will have their monthly payments estimated based on the number of deliveries needed to keep their tank full, especially during the cold winter months.
  • The estimated annual amount will be divided into 11 consistent monthly payments, with the 12th month being a “catch-up” month. If your actual fuel costs are higher or lower than estimated, we’ll address that in the 12th month of your plan.
  • Do not worry about cranking up your heat on those bitter cold nights because your propane prices in Maryland and Delaware stay the same courtesy of the Promise Plan.

Promise Plan Benefits

  • Customers earn a credit every month they have a credit balance on their account. We calculate the credit on a 3% APR, and apply it automatically to your account.
  • On the Promise Plan, your fuel deliveries will be made on an Automatic Delivery basis.
  • With our “No Run Out” guarantee your home will stay warm and toasty throughout the winter. If we accidentally allow you to run out, we will deliver fuel within 4 hours and apply a $100* credit to your account.
  • With the Price Cap Option, you can lock in your maximum price per gallon for your estimated annual gallons. If the propane prices in Maryland and Delaware drop below your cap, you will pay the lower price. If prices go above the cap price, you only pay the price cap. You will always pay the lowest price. Guaranteed.

Enroll In The Promise Plan Today!

Now is the time to get prepared for the cold weather. Start paying your level monthly payments now and you’ll have funds available to use when cold weather hits. We understand the value of budgeting your heating expenses throughout the year, so you can plan for other things like home improvement projects, weekend trips, and automotive needs. With the Promise Plan, enjoy the stability of low propane prices in Maryland and Delaware each month. Heating with propane is less expensive than other heating fuels. The Tri Gas & Oil customer care team is here to help answer any questions you have about the program and how to schedule a fuel delivery. You can contact us by clicking the link below and completing our contact form, or give us a call at 800-638-7802 to learn more about the program and propane prices in Maryland and Delaware. Get a head start on your winter bills and sign up for the Promise Plan today!

Click here to view The Promise Plan Terms and Conditions.

*$100 credit is only available to Promise Plan customers. Non-Promise Plan Automatic Delivery customers receive a $50 account credit if we accidentally let you run out of fuel.


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