The Promise Plan

The Promise Plan Terms

Life is full of surprises — waking up to a fresh snowfall, celebrating the birthday of a loved one, and spontaneous visits from family and friends. Surprises can be wonderful unless that surprise is an unexpected heating bill. 

With our Promise Plan, you will know exactly what your heating bill will be every month — even when it is freezing outside, and your heating system is hard at work to keep your home warm. 

This level payment plan will ensure that you are not surprised with a large fuel bill when you are already trying to budget for your busy life. At Tri Gas & Oil, we know that an unexpected heating bill can cause unnecessary stress at a time when you should be relaxing with friends and family. This level payment plan will relieve the stress of a high heating bill by spreading the costs out over one year. As your propane and heating oil supplier, you can take advantage of this plan and enjoy all the seasons in the year. 

How The Promise Plan Works

  • First, we will estimate your annual fuel costs based on your past usage. (If you are a new customer, we base the annual usage on the size of your tank and what you use your fuel for.)
  • Then we will divide that total amount into 11 level monthly payments. The 12th month is referred to as a “catch-up” month. If you use more than your estimated amount of fuel, this is when you will pay the difference. If you use less than the estimated number of gallons, we will add a credit to your account.
  • No matter how cold the weather gets, the payments remain level all year giving you peace of mind. With the Promise Plan, you can avoid “sticker shock” and have peace of mind throughout the entire winter season. 

Additional Promise Plan Benefits

There are other benefits to enrolling in the Promise Plan from Tri Gas & Oil. 

  • Earn a credit every month you have a credit balance on your
    account. The credit is calculated on a 3% APR and will
    be applied to your account automatically.
  • Automatic Delivery is standard with the Promise Plan.
  • A “No Run Out” guarantee that will keep your home toasty all winter long. If we accidentally let you run of fuel, you can rely on us to make a delivery and give your account a credit of $100*.
  • Receive Price Protection (for an additional nominal fee). With the Price Cap Option*, you can lock in your maximum per gallon price for your estimated annual gallons. If fuel prices drop below your cap, you’ll pay the lower price. If prices go above the cap, you pay the cap price. You will always pay the lowest price. Guaranteed.

Say goodbye to huge heating bills this winter. Sign up today for Tri Gas & Oil’s Promise Plan. 

Click here to view The Promise Plan Terms and Conditions.

*$100 credit is only available to Promise Plan customers. Non-Promise Plan Automatic Delivery customers receive a $50 account credit if we accidentally let you run out of fuel.…an/the-promise-plan-terms


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