Welcome Easton Customers

Welcome, Easton Customers!

Heating your home safely, effectively, and affordably isn’t an easy task. The experts at Tri Gas & Oil are here to provide local property owners throughout the Eastern Shore a way to check all of the boxes on your list of heating requirements by considering propane for your home or business. As the local Easton, MD, propane company, our growing family-owned and operated establishment has served the Delmarva community since 1963 while offering personalized, customer-focused service. Born and raised in Federalsburg, MD, our rural upbringing and present location has formed a close-knit bond with our family, friends, and neighbors throughout our community, inspiring our desire to fill needs where they are present. This acknowledgment has produced a wide selection of customer incentives, making it easy for our customers to receive the care they deserve 24/7, 365 days a year. After speaking with our propane company near Easton, MD, about your specific heating needs, we recommend enjoying our area while visiting a few suggested locations. Federalsburg, MD, chock-full of quaint, small-town charm, is the perfect place to escape reality and explore while discovering landmarks such as the Idylwild Wildlife Management Area, Chambers Park, and the Marshyhope Greenway. Contact our team for more information.


Tri Gas & Oil Cares

Properly heating your home or local business is one of the main ways you ensure your family or employees remain safe, warm, and comfortable year-round. We realize this is just one of the many facets of your job or routine home care, so we proudly do everything in our power to make your heating experience easy, affordable, and one less thing to worry about. This is reflected in our premier propane services offered through our local Easton, MD, propane company, such as propane delivery, payment plans, 24/7 emergency service, tankless water heater installation, and, of course, our way of caring for our community the best way we know how. If you’re unsure how propane could benefit your home or business, give us a call! Our service professionals at our propane supplier near Easton, MD, will happily expand on the benefits of propane, such as its safety features, effectiveness, and availability.


Cost-Effective Heating

Properties running on outdated fueling sources, such as heating oil, are missing out on the convenience, efficiency, and cost-effective nature of propane. Our propane company near Easton, MD, is here to help change that! Your time, money, and safety are at the forefront of our concern, so we proudly provide our customers with everything they need to enjoy comfort in their homes with confidence through our “Promise Plan” guarantee. Outlining our commitment to providing consistent propane prices along with automatic propane delivery near Easton, MD, we ensure our customers and their families have everything they need all year round.


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Switching to a new heating source can be stressful. However, the Tri Gas & Oil team at our propane company near Easton, MD, is here to make your transition as effortless as possible. Contact us to get started today.

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