Your home is your refuge. It’s that place you come to relax, to make memories, and to spend quality time with those you love. Summertime cookouts, graduation parties, birthday celebrations, watching your favorite team, and winter nights on the couch, snuggled up with a cup of cocoa and a good movie or book. All those are equally important. Trust us, we understand – we love all those things too!


Fueling Your Home & Your Memories.

We want to be there with you for each memory, serving all your indoor and outdoor fuel needs. Whether it’s fuel for your home heating, hot water, cooking, clothes drying, gas grill, backup generator, pool heater – whatever the need, we’re here for your family. Since 1963, we’ve been committed to making your home the most comfortable for your family. We want to help you create all those wonderful memories throughout the year.


  • TriGas & Oil Co, Fuel Oil, Federalsburg, MD

  • We Deliver the Promise.
  • 3941 Federalsburg Hwy
  • PO Box 465
  • Federalsburg, MD 21632
  • Call Us: 800-638-7802
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