Residential Propane Services


First-Rate Propane Services

Maryland homeowners seeking the perfect way to streamline their heating routine can rely on Tri Gas & Oil for affordable residential propane services near Federalsburg. Heat your property without restriction and lower your energy bill without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Make the switch to propane with our family-owned and operated propane company, and watch as your environment is enhanced immediately. Let us meet your needs and budget as we offer expert care and attention to detail throughout the countless home propane services provided by our Federalsburg propane supplier. Take a moment to view the residential propane services featured for your satisfaction and elevate your heating experience by utilizing amenities like the Promise Plan level payment plan, affordable propane prices, and propane delivery in Maryland. Customers unsure of the numerous benefits of propane can learn more by contacting the Tri Gas team at 1-(800)-638-7802 or visiting our home office at 3941 Federalsburg HWY, Federalsburg, MD.

Residential Propane Services

How Can We Help?

Tri Gas & Oil is proud to offer valued customers access to residential propane services for their convenience. Check out the wide variety of perks in store to elevate your heating regime, including:

  • Residential Propane Tank Services
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Consistent Propane Prices
  • Propane Delivery
  • The Promise Plan
  • The Price Cap Option
  • The “No Run-Out” Guarantee

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As the Consumer’s Choice for propane in Maryland, we aim to provide valued customers with every tool necessary to heat their homes to their liking without overspending. We encourage propane shoppers to check out our Promise Plan level payment plan to start reaping the benefits, like complimentary propane delivery. Look at the two delivery options and sign up for propane delivery through our residential propane services!

Residential Propane Services

Automatic Propane Delivery

Automatic Propane Delivery allows customers to heat their homes without constantly checking their propane levels. Allow us to track your propane levels and schedule delivery around your schedule without interruption. If your propane delivery is overlooked, customers taking advantage of the Promise Plan will receive residential propane delivery within four hours and an account credit of $100 .*

Will Call Delivery

Customers who want to track their propane levels can opt for Will Call Delivery. Propane users opting for this delivery option are responsible for monitoring their propane usage and calling our propane supplier three business days before delivery.

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Add extra convenience to your heating experience by relying on Tri Gas & Oil for residential propane services in Maryland!


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*$100 credit is only available to Promise Plan customers. Non-Promise Plan Automatic Delivery customers receive a $50 account credit if we accidentally let you run out of fuel.


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