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Propane delivery Maryland

Propane Delivery & Service

It is a wonderful feeling walking around a warm home, and knowing the fuel provided is delivered by the experts. We offer several options for propane delivery in Maryland and Delaware. Customers can choose from Automatic Delivery or Will Call Delivery. All deliveries are made by our professionally trained drivers who will deliver your fuel with the utmost safety and care. We allow each customer to choose the delivery option that best suits their individual needs. Automatic Propane Delivery in Maryland and Delaware is available to our customers at no extra charge, and comes with a “No Run Out” guarantee. No matter which option you choose, Tri Gas & Oil is here for all your home and commercial heating needs. Contact our customer care team today, and learn more about our options for propane delivery in Maryland and Delaware.

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Automatic Delivery

The days of going out to the propane tank regularly to check the fuel level are over when you choose our Automatic Delivery option. There is no extra charge for your propane delivery if you choose this option. We take the responsibility of estimating when you’ll need your next delivery and schedule that delivery for you. And you’ll have the guarantee knowing that if we accidentally allow you to run out, we will deliver fuel within 4 hours and apply a $50* credit to your account. Enrolling in our Promise Plan also signs you up for Automatic Delivery. The “No Run Out” guarantee for Promise Plan customers applies a $100* credit to your account if you are out of fuel. Our dispatch team closely monitors weather patterns, k-factors, and customer usage to efficiently schedule propane deliveries for our customers in Maryland and Delaware, so you’ll never get caught inside a cold house. You can rest easy knowing your fuel is being monitored and delivered by the experts at Tri Gas & Oil. Contact us today to sign up for this convenient delivery service.


Will Call Delivery

While we recommend Automatic Delivery, we understand some customers prefer or require Will Call propane delivery in Maryland and Delaware. When an account is on Will Call Delivery it is up to the customer to regularly check their fuel level and contact us for delivery. We suggest propane customers contact us to request a delivery when their tank level is 30%. Petroleum customers on Will Call Delivery should contact us when their fuel level is down to one-quarter. This gives our professional staff enough time to replenish your fuel supply. Once you request fuel you can expect a delivery to be made within three business days. If you run out of fuel and your account is on Will Call Delivery, it may require a leak test or restart for an additional charge.

Choose Propane Today

Call Tri Gas & Oil at 800-638-7802 for all your home or commercial heating needs. We’re ready to set up a propane delivery for you in Maryland and Delaware, and again you have the choice to set up your account on Automatic Delivery or Will Call Delivery. Remember, if you choose the convenient Promise Plan, Automatic Delivery is included. The Promise Plan provides customers a level monthly bill over the course of 11 months, rather than extremely high bills during the peak heating season. Turn to Tri Gas & Oil for your propane delivery in Maryland and Delaware, and we will keep your home and business heated all winter long. Contact our customer care team today to find out more about our delivery options and how you can sign up today.

Propane delivery Maryland

*$100 credit is only available to Promise Plan customers. Non-Promise Plan Automatic Delivery customers receive a $50 account credit if we accidentally let you run out of fuel.


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