Payment Plans

Here at Tri Gas & Oil, your local fuels specialist, we offer several different payment plans for our customers in Federalsburg, Easton, Seaford, DE, Harrington, DE and all over Delmarva. These include:

The Promise Plan: A Level Payment Program

No one ever wants to deal with bulky fuel bills, especially during the winter holidays. The experts at Tri Gas & Oil, your local energy provider, understand how much of a burden, financial or otherwise, that can be. That is why we are proud to offer a level payment program tailored to your unique needs and will relieve the stress of bulky winter fuel bills. We call it the Promise Plan and it allows you to spread out your annual fuel costs over one year. Click here for more information on The Promise Plan!

Additional Available Payment Options

Price Protection

With the addition of Price Protection, you will be able to protect your annual per gallon price with a price cap (for a nominal fee). That means your price per gallon never will go above the set price cap during the time you are in the plan. If the fuel prices drop below the capped price, you will pay the lower rate. This way, you will have both upside and downside protection. You can add Price Protection whether or not you are enrolled in the Promise Plan*. Be sure to ask our team at Tri Gas & Oil about Price Protection and how it can benefit your fuel account!

*For Promise Plan customers, the price cap applies to the total number of gallons estimated for the current plan period. Any fuel purchased beyond the total number of gallons estimated will be billed at the market price on the date of delivery. The annual cap fee will be rolled into your monthly Promise Plan payments. For non-Promise Plan customers, your price cap fee will be billed up front for the annual period.

Pre-Buy Your Fuel

This option allows you to purchase a specific quantity of gallons for the year at a discounted rate. If you use more gallons than you have purchased, you will have to pay the market price for those gallons over the purchased pre-buy gallons. If you use fewer gallons than you bought, those leftover gallons will not carry over to the following year. However, the dollar value for those gallons can either be applied to future purchases or refunded to you.

Our team at Tri Gas & Oil, your local fuels provider, will be glad to answer any questions you might have about our payment plans and how we can help relieve the load you might feel when it comes time to pay your winter fuel bill. Contact or visit us today!


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