Smooth Your Transition into the Heating Season

How To Save On Your Maryland Propane Price Per Gallon? The colder winter days are fast approaching, and your heating system will be put to the test as the mercury drops. The weather change will make for a more active season for your heating unit, but there are ways to keep your home warm with efficient performance and a consistent energy bill. You can start by getting your annual system checkup to ensure all components […]

Owning Vs. Leasing Your Tank

“Is it better to rent or to purchase my own propane tank?” A question we hear pretty often around here at Tri Gas & Oil. Both options provide a variety of pros and cons, it all comes down to the level of responsibility you’re looking to take and your circumstances.   I’m considering owning my own propane tank… Advantages – You can choose your fuel supplier without swapping tanks. No minimum use required or tank […]

What is Temporary Heat?

During the brisk winter months, many builders will use propane for temporary construction to heat their projects and keep things moving. While weather in this area can be unpredictable, temporary heat is a great solution to guarantee your project is not. With weather that can drop down to single digits in the drop of a hat, simple construction tasks such as painting or installing drywall become nearly impossible. Temporary heat serves as a protective layer […]

How Can I Get More From My Propane Cooking?

Propane Cooking

These days many of us fancy ourselves a home chef, perhaps even a budding Food Network star or a future author of a cookbook. Or at the very least, we most certainly know someone that does! Many of us dub ourselves a fancy home chef, a future cookbook author, perhaps even a budding Food Network star! Or at the very least, we most certainly know someone that does! Whether you’re that next Chopped winner, or […]

How Can I Prepare For The New School Year?

back-to-school tips

Ring In the New School Year After an exciting summer filled with time spent lying on the beach, enjoying a good bonfire, and soaking up all the coveted extra time with our loved ones, it’s time to put away the sunscreen and trade our bathing suits for backpacks. Our Tri Gas & Oil team understands that this time of year can be daunting for children and parents alike, so we have compiled a list of […]


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