What Size Tank is Right For Me?

Propane tank gauge

With all the numerous propane tank sizes available, how in the world do you determine which size is best for your home or business? That’s the beauty of working with the Energy Experts at Tri Gas & Oil. You won’t have to worry because our Energy Consultants will review your fuel needs and help to develop a fuel plan and appropriate tank size for your application. Each home or business fuel application will be vary based on building size, appliances, and usage type. Below are the tank sizes available with the propane professionals at Tri Gas & Oil.

Propane tank gauge

Keep in mind: Due to the composition of propane, it needs room to expand (heat and cool) in the tank. So because of that, propane tanks are only filled to 80% capacity.

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Tank SizeLocationPositionCapacity (at 80%)Usage
59 GallonAboveground onlyUpright47 gallonsGreat for residential use including cooking, fireplace, clothes drying.
120 GallonAboveground or undergroundHorizontal96 gallonsPerfect for pool heating, fireplaces, hot water heaters, and supplemental heat solutions.
124 Gallon (420)Aboveground only Upright100 gallonsThese tanks are excellent for pool heating, fireplaces, hot water heaters (our tankless hot water heaters are super efficient), and whole home heating (dual tanks).
250 GallonAboveground or undergroundHorizontal200 gallonsGreat for whole home heating, generators, and homes with multiple propane appliances.
330 GallonAboveground or undergroundHorizontal264 gallonsUsed in applications for whole home heating, generators, and homes with multiple propane appliances.
500 GallonAboveground or undergroundHorizontal400 gallonsThese tanks are used for homes with whole home heating, generators, and homes with multiple appliances.
1,000 GallonAboveground or undergroundHorizontal800 gallonsUsed for the Propane-Powered Home and commercial applications. Our Energy Consultants would be happy to provide you with more information on each of these sizes and develop a propane solution perfect for your home or business.

Propane tank gauge


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