Why Get Your Propane Tank From Us?

customer-owned propane tanks

Tri Gas & Oil – Your Propane And Tank Provider Is Here To Provide Your Fuel Tank

We at Tri Gas & Oil are often asked: “Would it benefit me to own my own fuel tank?” We want you to know there are several factors to consider when deciding whether or not to own your own propane tank. These factors include:


• You can choose your fuel supplier without swapping out tanks

• No minimum use requirements or tank rental fee

• You could potentially save a few cents per gallon


• You are responsible for the safety and maintenance of your tank. This includes keeping regulators up-to-date, tank recertification as needed, painting your tank, ensuring there are no leaks, and general maintenance. If you have an underground tank, the maintenance requirements are a little more involved (i.e. certification of cathodic rust protection).

• It is the tank owners financial responsibility to make sure the tank remains stable and level (for above-ground tanks).

• If you have to move your tank due to construction on your property, you will be responsible for making sure it satisfies all building and property codes (i.e. propane tank must be at minimum 10 feet from any ignition source).

• All service and parts are solely your financial responsibility.

• Some homeowners’ insurance will not pay for any loss arising from customer-owned tank issues

• You are solely responsible for any excavation if an issue arises with the tank (i.e. – leak, corrosion, etc).

Be sure to contact the expert team at your propane company in Maryland and Delaware with any questions you have regarding the pros and cons of propane tank ownership!

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