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Winter Weather Preparedness

While the winter season can be a stunningly beautiful time of the year (think icicles, frozen ponds, and rolling snow), it can also be brutal. Severe snowfall, hazardous winter storms, and plummeting temperatures all take a toll on how warm our homes or businesses feel. The chill factor outsides makes us want to turn the heat up just a little more. But we don’t want you to run out of fuel during the chilliest days of the year! We don’t want our customers to be icicles themselves! Our experienced team at Tri Gas & Oil have gathered a list of several tips to follow that can help prevent you from experiencing the hardship of frozen pipes and frozen noses inside your home. We want you to enjoy winter in the warm comfort of your home.

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  • Watch Your Fuel Levels — This is one of the most important recommendations that we can give. It is crucial to periodically check how much fuel is in your tank. Don’t wait until you run out of fuel to contact us. This puts a strain on your system and may cause you to have to restart your system. For our propane customers, we ask them to contact us when they are at 30%. For oil customers, we ask that they call when the tank is at ¼ full. Contacting us at these levels gives ample time to route your delivery appropriately. Click here to learn more about Automatic Delivery, where we take on that responsibility for you.
  • Clearly Mark Your Tank Location — In inclement winter weather (snow!), it is a good idea to mark the location of your propane or oil tank. You can use a flag, stake, or something else (broom handle? Get creative!) to do so. Knowing the exact location of your tank will make it easier for our fuel professionals to deliver your fuel.
  • Remove Snow And Ice — Keeping the pathway to your propane or oil tank clear of any snow or ice will provide easier access to it. You also will want to ensure that your heating system and all outdoor vents, chimneys, and flues are not blocked by any ice or snow. Feel free to ask our expert staff at Tri Gas & Oil for more information.
  • Form An Emergency Plan — This is always smart practice when it comes to severe weather. The plan should involve everyone in your household and cover exactly what to do if there is a power outage, lightning storm, flood risk, or another type of incident. It can include rations for several days, extra clothes, batteries, flashlights, power sources, and other precautions. While you may never have to use this plan, it is comforting to have it waiting in the wings for whenever you need it.
  • Think About A Backup Generator — If the weather is going to be extremely severe, consider purchasing a propane-powered generator. A propane-powered generator can have your home back up and running in the case of a power outage. You can have warmth, power, and your necessities still operating, even if the rest of the neighborhood is out of power. Our fuels specialists would love to provide you with more information about propane-powered backup generators.

Here at Tri Gas & Oil, we hope that you find these tips useful and know that you can rely on us to help you stay warm this winter season. Contact us with questions about these tips, our heating oil prices, or anything else today!


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