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Relaxing in a warm home surrounded by family is the serene way to spend those cold winter days. Using home heating oil in Delaware is a clean, efficient, and safe way to provide that desired warmth during the cold season. We are your local source for outstanding heating oil prices in Delaware, and our expert team is here to serve all your home and business heating oil needs. Using oil to heat your home is incredibly cost-effective, safe, and dependable. We offer several payment plans for your home heating oil needs. Selecting The Promise Plan gives customers consistent heating oil prices in Delaware by leveling the monthly bill for 11 months instead of increasing energy costs during the peak heating season. This beneficial program estimates your yearly fuel expenses based on previous use or the size of a customer’s tank. This amount is divided into 11 consistent monthly payments, and the 12th month will be a “catch-up” month depending on if you use more and less than the annual estimate. Catch up the difference if more fuel than estimated is used, or receive a credit if less is used.




Our Price Protection program puts a cap on your heating oil prices in Delaware. For a nominal fee, your annual per gallon price will never go above the designated price cap, providing peace of mind for your heating oil expenses. If the price goes below the cap, you will pay a lower rate, putting more money in your pocket. Another purchase option allows customers to pre-buy their heating oil for the entire year at a discounted rate. When you determine the amount of heating oil needed for the next year, contact us to buy the specific quantity of gallons and save. These three payment options will give you the best heating oil prices in Delaware. Prepare your house and business for the cold season by calling the heating oil experts at Tri Gas & Oil to switch over to this efficient and reliable heating fuel.

best heating oil prices in Delaware

Delaware Heating Oil Services

Your destination for fantastic heating oil prices in Delaware has a highly-trained team to provide you with top-notch heating oil services. We are highly equipped with fleets of oil delivery trucks and dedicated professional drivers to bring the product from our large oil storage facility straight to your home. Our advanced dispatching and routing system provides exceptional resources to get the heating fuel to customers quickly and efficiently. Automatic Delivery and Will Call Delivery are the two delivery methods customers can select. Automatic Delivery is offered at no extra charge to your heating oil price in Delaware. We will estimate the fuel level in your tank and schedule the appropriate delivery date for a refill. A customer is the one who requests a heating oil delivery with the Will Call Delivery option. You should contact us when the fuel level is reduced to one-quarter of the tank, and this will give our professional team ample time to provide a refill within three to five business days of the request. Learn more about these delivery options and how to sign up for our excellent heating oil prices in Delaware by contacting the customer care team at Tri Gas & Oil today.

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